"What If You Woke Up Today

With Only The Things

You Were Grateful For Yesterday?"

Nita Stewart

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"This is the breakthrough I have been waiting for for my department!" - Division CEO, FNB

"I love Debbie's energy and knowledge on her subject matter. Great attitude!" - Executive at FNB

"I really enjoyed every aspect of the training. This program has really changed the way I think and experience people. I'm really inspired to follow my dream."  - Yolandi V, PA

"This program has really made me a better leader and I hope to make my team grow and learn through what I've learnt. Thank you Debbie!"  - Edwina G, Team Leader

"I learnt a lot. Thank you for being so enthusiastic about the content.
The program has assisted me to realise that significance is out there - I can reach it!" - Carlos T, Financial Manager

"This was so valuable to me. I have learnt so much about myself. Thank you for helping me believe in myself again." - Lenie C, IT Infrastructure Manager

"I enjoyed your presentation so much that I decided to follow my dreams and move out of my comfort zone. Though it is difficult at times due to responsibilities and commitments that I have already, but I believe that I will live my dream to the fullest." - Faith T, Ekurhuleni East College

"I just donít have words to describe the type of person you are. All I can say is, you are experienced and well talented. You absolutely moved our hearts with your skills and it is something that will never go away from me." -
Christa T, Snr Private Secretary to the Minister, Namibia

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