"Life Should Be Enjoyable.

Too Often We Think It's About Achievement.

The Truth Is That Making Life Enjoyable

Is An Achievement In Itself."




This is a truly innovative "first of its kind" way of assisting the BUSY EXECUTIVE with leadership growth - one of Debbie's most successful programs!

Debbie attends companies' MONTHLY EXCO MEETINGS (or team meetings) and for the first hour she presents John C. Maxwell's content.


  • JOHN MAXWELL content delivered by a Certified John Maxwell Coach, Teacher and Speaker
  • Your Executives will have a monthly leadership development program for 4 to 12 months at a FRACTION OF THE COST
  • Your Executive Team will grow into a strong LEADERSHIP TEAM
  • NO ADDITIONAL TIME SPENT away from the office for training, as Executives are already at their monthly Exco meeting
  • NO BUDGET SPENT ON INDIVIDUAL TRAINING, as these sessions are charged per meeting

For more details, kindly contact Debbie.

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